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Solar Rebate Finder

Solar projects frequently qualify businesses’ for lucrative local, state, and federal incentive programs, subsidies, grants, and tax rebates. Combined, these incentives can often offset a significant proportion of the cost of materials and installation.   

Tax forms and related paperwork coupled with the ever-changing landscape of incentive program availability can feel overwhelming, and we understand navigation can be difficult. A Solar representative is more than happy to assist you through an organized, application process so that you can focus on your business.

Federal Business Solar Tax Credit

The Solar Investment Tax Credit is a 30% federal tax credit on Solar systems for Commercial properties (under Section 48) that remains in effect through December 31, 2016. The ITC reduces the tax liability for businesses that purchase qualifying solar energy technologies dollar-for-dollar. The ITC encourages your investment in solar project construction.

Renewable energy incentive programs play a crucial role in:

– Reducing the cost of energy
– Spurring economic expansion
– Creating domestic job growth
– Ensuring U.S. global competitiveness
– Eliminating carbon emissions
– Positively impacting climate change

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