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Supermarket & Grocery

Supermarket & Grocery

Lighting within the grocery and supermarket industries is first and foremost about creating an inviting, attractive, and safe shopping experience. Energy efficient lighting decreases the amount of operational expenditures and has a positive impact on brand image by enhancing the stores shopping environment. Typical lighting costs for supermarkets and grocers represent an average of 18% of the electricity bill, however by converting to LED, up to 60% of this lighting cost can be saved!

Key Benefits for Supermarkets & Grocery

  • – Significant Energy Savings
  • – Decreased Maintenance Costs
  • – LEDs come in a variety of colors to fit any store’s inviting and attractive atmosphere
  • – LED lighting in parking lots give customers a welcoming feeling of safety and security
  • – LED produces a more vibrant appearance of products, which may help to increase sales
  • – Due to the low heat output, LED lighting also helps to prevent pre-mature ripening of produce, as well as reduce spoilage rates of cold and frozen items
  • – Public utility incentives and federal tax deductions available
  • – Equipment leasing, service contracts, and financing options allow for immediate positive cash flow
  • – By retrofitting an existing lighting system to LED, executives can help their organization meet their corporate sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint


Refrigeration 60%
Lighting 18%
HVAC 15%
Other 7%