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Parking Lots & Structures

Parking Lot & Structures

Managing energy consumption and the associated costs is becoming increasingly important to parking structure owners. First and foremost, it is about creating a safe environment for drivers and pedestrians as well as decreasing operational expenditures, but the positive impact on image is not to be ignored. Technological advancements in LED lighting and significant private and public incentives for sustainability initiatives have made lighting infrastructure changes an exceptionally effective way for parking structure owners to create a safer environment and cut energy costs.

Key Benefits for Parking Lots & Structures

  • – By using LED’s in conjunction with occupancy sensors the estimated annual energy savings for parking structures can exceed 50%
  • – Significantly decreased bulb replacement and preventative maintenance costs
  • – Increased driver and pedestrian safety through greater visibility
  • – Public utility incentives and federal tax deductions available
  • – Equipment leasing, service contracts, and financing options allow for immediate positive cash flow
  • – By retrofitting an existing lighting system to LED, leadership can help their organization meet their corporate sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint