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Office Buildings

Office Buildings

Energy consumption and the associated costs are becoming increasingly important to commercial real estate owners.  First and foremost, it is about increasing net operating income (NOI) and decreasing operational expenditures.  Technological advancements in LED lighting have made lighting infrastructure changes an exceptionally effective way for commercial building owners to drive NOI.  Typical lighting costs for office buildings represent an average of 40% of the electricity bill, but after converting to LED, up to 60% of the lighting cost can be saved.


Key Benefits for Office Buildings

  • – Significant Energy Savings
  • – Decreased Maintenance Costs
  • – LED lighting systems require significantly less energy consumption than traditional systems. As a result, an LED system can allow electrical infrastructure expenditures to be dramatically reduced for new construction and existing projects
  • – Increased patron and employee safety with greater light levels
  • – Decreased glare and light bleed allows for safer navigation for drivers (parking lots and garages)
  • – Public utility incentives and federal tax deductions available
  • – Lighting systems can be accounted for as depreciable assets
  • – Equipment leasing, service contracts, and financing options allow for immediate positive cashflow
  • – LED lighting systems can significantly reduce an organization’s carbon footprint
  • – By retrofitting an existing lighting system to LED, leadership can help their organization meet their corporate sustainability goals


Lighting 44%
Office Equipment 24%
Cooling 14%
Ventilation 8%
Space Heating 8%
Other 2%