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Gas Stations & Convenient Stores

Gas Station & Convenient Stores

Technological advancements in LED lighting and significant private and public incentives for sustainability initiatives have made lighting infrastructure changes an exceptionally effective way for gas station and convenience store owners to improve their atmosphere, by creating a welcoming and safe environment for motorists, decreasing operational expenditures, and reducing energy costs. Given the long hours of operation for these facilities, reduction in lighting expenditures can have a significant impact to the bottom line.

Key Benefits for Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

– Significant energy savings
– Decreased maintenance costs
– LED produces light very similar to daylight, making motorists feel welcome and safe stopping at your business
– Your establishment will be more attractive to passing motorists through the enhanced visual appearance provided by LED
– The improved visibility produced by LED gives employees more of a sense of security while working during nighttime hours
– The low output of heat of LEDs can also help to save on refrigeration costs
– Very attractive incentives for gas stations and convenience stores available
– Public utility incentives and federal tax deductions available
– Equipment leasing, service contracts, and financing options allow for immediate positive cash flow