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Administrators can use LED lighting to help create a safer, more comfortable, and productive environment for students and staff. LED lighting has been proven to have dramatically positive effects on students and their ability to concentrate in a classroom setting, as well as greatly diminish hyperactivity in children.

Key Benefits for Education

  • – Significant energy savings
  • – Decreased maintenance costs
  • – Decreased strain on eyes and neural activity, due to close mimicking of daylight
  • – Studies conducted on children have shown that a change from traditional lighting to LED had positive effects on focusing children’s attention, increasing alertness and concentration, while simultaneously decreasing hyperactivity, resulting in improved test scores by up to 25%
  • – Increased night-time safety on sidewalks and visibility in parking lots and structures
  • – Superior visibility and light levels for spectators and athletes during sporting events
  • – Public utility incentives and federal tax deductions available
  • – Equipment leasing, service contracts, and financing options allow for immediate positive cash flow
  • – By retrofitting an existing lighting system to LED, leadership can help their facilities meet their institution’s sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint


Lighting 26%
Cooling 26%
Office Equipment 20%
Other 9%
Ventilation 6%
Space Heating 6%
Refrigeration 5%
Cooking 1%
Water Heating 1%